New Joy Fellowship officially formed in January of 2005, around the vision of being real disciples of Jesus by walking with God, walking with others, and working in the Kingdom.
Walking with God means that our first priority is to know God better, and to become closer to Him. The only reason we can do this is because Jesus Christ suffered and died on our behalf, and was raised. Through his death and resurrection, Jesus reconciled us to God, forgiving us for our sins, giving us His own righteousness, and promising us eternal life.
We get to know God first through reading the Bible, and learning how to understand it better. We also learn to communicate with God through prayer and meditation, and seeing Him at work in the world around us. We seek to align every part of our lives, and our church, to God’s character and God’s purposes.
Walking with Others means that we recognize that when we are saved by Jesus, we are placed into a family of fellow-believers. The Bible commands us to be in loving fellowship with other Christians – it isn’t optional. So we try to love and support each other. We eat together, share our joys and challenges, pray together and learn together.
Working in the Kingdom means that we do not exist to serve ourselves. Life is not about getting what we want. Life is about aligning ourselves with God’s purposes in the world. We seek to find out what God is doing, and what part He wants us to play in that.